Lucy & Nana

This page is about the Lucy/Nyu & Nana PVC Figurines known from the Anime series "Elfen Lied" and produced by Deamtech/WAVE in Japan.

Note, that this page won't make any sense to anybody, who hasn't seen the Anime "Elfen Lied" yet. It's only 13 (with the OVA: 14) Episodes, so you just might wanna give it a try...

Hint: I have been informed, that this page looks extremely gay. As an immediate counter-measure I thereby shall post three screenshots of the series here. The first two shots are from Lucy's childhood, were a few children have done something quite terrible to her (I won't spoil), and this has been her first case of retaliation. You may see this as providing the same level of "contrast" also provided by the series itself. Enjoy:

Oh, and don't bug Nana too much, or else..

...damn, she can be scary too!


Now, to the figures:

These have been produced in the beginning of 2008 and have been sold on preorder in Japan only. The only original source for international shipping that I know of has been BeNippon[Nyu][Nana]. Within the first week of market appearance, all of the limited figurines have been sold out without any subsequent production runs. Since then, with demand growing and supply remaining next to non-existent, the price rose and rose. I know of two eBay auctions in 2008, one topped out at roughly $530, the other one in the low 4-digit range. I won't disclose the price of this pack, but will say as much as that they were not exactly on the "cheap" side either. ;) The pack is complete with Nyu/Lucy and Nana as well as the bonus pack in mint condition with boxes being previously unopened and sealed.

Please click on the small pictures, if you wish to see a larger version in 1280x960! For those of you, who wonder: Nyu and Lucy are the same person, but schizophrenic due to some rather unpleasant events, and it's my impression, that Nana also has an additional personality hidden inside her besides the sweet one (See Episode 07), hence the different appearances. If you want to know more about the highly controversial series, [Wikipedia] might be a place to start at.

If you want to contact me regarding information about the Figurines, please send your eMail to "THRAWN [-A|T-] XIN dot AT".

<< Nana, sweet!

Nana, trippin' after a really bad day... >>


Since both Lucy & Nana as well as the Bonus Pack (with new face & hair for Lucy and new hair/head for Nana) arrived in sealed unopened mint condition, we'll have a look at the packaging first:

For a warm-up, the bonus pack. As we can see, it is marked "NOT FOR SALE" which indicates that this is either a sample or simply some free giveaway to be shipped with complete boxed sets. The former would seem more realistic though, as I don't now such "NOT FOR SALE" markings for being used on production stuff...  Whatever.

Edit: It has been confirmed, that the "NOT FOR SALE" marking has been put there just to prohibit separate sale of the Bonus Pack, which was to be given to you for free, as long as you bought both figurines together. Nyu/Lucy + Nana = free Bonus Pack.


Now, this is boxed Nyu, the peaceful one of the two personalities inside our most beloved schizophrenic:


Back side:


Closer. Nyu? Nyuu?:


Now, my personal favorite, here comes Nana in a blue box ('nuff pink already?):


Back side once more:


And closer:


Now this is Nyu out of the box, strange to see her with the helmet and that smile to go along with it:


Moar Nyu, sitting on the floor:


Let's do some closeups, shall we? Her eyes are nicely done. This is already VERY close, as the figures aren't all that big:


'nuther one, damn, out of focus:


This is better, Smilee:


Now, time for some Nana again. Isn't she nice?:




Makro time!




Noow, let's take a look..  hahem...  "under the hood":


So much for the perversion. Don't get your hopes up though, she's all mine, rofl:


Now, the supposed highlight of this show, the LUCY conversion. Can't evade that evilish look:


She SEES you! Better run...


Update, 2009-02-06: These are pictures from the custom-made acryllic showcases right after assembly. Note that there is lots of dust on the plastic. This is due to extreme static charge after the removal of the protective foil on the acryllic plates. I guess the dust can be removed later. On these pictures, the showcases are rather "plain", a custom illumination system will be added later on! Well, like the Joker said: And heere wee go:

Lucy's new cage:


She doesn't look all too happy about being locked up again, eh?


Luckily, Nana has a far more lightheaded mind, so she obviously won't care...


Yep, it's still all peaches and cream there!


And for the crowd, a nice group shot:


Update, 2009-02-06: On special request, here is some Nana without "Papa's Ribbon" / Head Tie:

Horns! Cute!


A bit closer and from the side:


And that's no-more-papas-ribbon in the showcase:


Update, 2009-02-14: Here comes the first try in illuminating Lucy's cage! I'm using 10cm CCFLs here, partially covered in aluminium-metalized tape for reflection purposes. The feed cables to the lamps have been freed of their thick rubber isolation, and have been reduced to a single litz wire per cable, then a new lacquer isolation layer has been applied to prevent short-circuiting the high voltage supply cables going from the inverter box to the CCFL lamps. First pictures:

Here we can see the mounted CCFL lamps covered in the metalized tape. At the bottom you can see the thin feed wires:


Behind the showcase, the inverter, which provides the necessary voltage for the Krypton-filled CCFL to light up. Notice, that these cables cannot short-circuit due to the lacquer layer:


And this is, what it looks like, when you switch them on:


Very nice indeed:


Update, 2009-02-14, Stage 2: Here comes Nana:

The mounted CCFL lamps, again with metalized tape to prevent 360° illumination. Clearly, the wires are more visible in her showcase, as the lamps have been mounted in a higher up position:


Shed some light:




Update, 2009-04-09: There are two collectible DVD boxes that I have to have, one of them is the beautiful "Klimt" style box called "Diclonius Report". This one holds English and Japanese audio tracks as well as English subtitles. I'll get the other one with 4 DVDs too (German + English + Japanese audio with German + English subtitles), but for now just take a look at this (love it!):

The Diclonius Report, three slim DVDs in this beautiful boxes:


Update, 2009-04-23: The second DVD box just arrived! Originally, the first of those DVDs was available solo or in combination with the box, so all you had to do was to collect the other 3 DVDs to complete the set. If only the box wouldn't have been limited! I got this in very close to mint condition (box looks extremely good, DVDs feature no scratches). Also, there are a few extras in there, a small bloody-hand sticker, a postcard and a small two-sided Nyu/Lucy poster. This has also been sold as a Collectors Edition (completed box set), but it's unclear if that just was an idea by the shops or an official option. As you can see below, the box doesn't really match the artistic style of "The Diclonius Report", but instead features a clearly more Anime-Style design. The box itself feels nice to the touch though, and gives a feeling of high quality. This is now a version with English, Japanese and German sound tracks and several subtitle tracks. Now, see for yourself:

The Elfen Lied DVD Collectors Edition with Box and Extras:



And now, for all fans of Lucy & Nana, some links:


This should be it. A little fine-tuning to the illumination and some cleaning of the acryllic showcases and we're all done!




<< Nyu, innocent!

Lucy, evil! >>


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