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x264 benchmark CPU statistics:

CPU Stats

CPU Stats

x264 Benchmark CPU statistics developed by [GrandAdmiralThrawn], based on [Junaid Shabbirs] code for VA/XIN.at.

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The x264 benchmark user toplist makes use of [ie7-js], which is published under the [MIT] license. The x264 benchmark itself contains only software standing under the [GNU General Public License (GPL)]. Furthermore the x264 benchmark includes parts of the movie [Elephants Dream] © copyright 2006, Blender Foundation / Netherlands Media Art Institute / www.elephantsdream.org, which has been released under the [Creative Commons Attribution] license.

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Creative Commons License
The x264 benchmark user toplists output (//www.xin.at/x264/usertoplist_en.php) by [Karl Alexander Veratschnig] and [Michael Lackner] is licensed under a [Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Austria License].